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    Cross Currency Rate Calculation

      Dear All,


      I have two datasources. One of them has invoice ID, region, date, amount and currency type fields. The other one has date, source currency type, target currency type and currency value fields. I have make a connection with concatanation of date and currency type between two table. You can see the file attached.


      I can convert the all currency types into TRY(Turkish Lira) but I also need to convert all currency types into USD and EUR. I need to find the reverse conversion of 1 TL=  x EUR and 1TL =xUSD then multiply it toTRY values.


      Looking forward to having a solution.


      Best Regards,

        • Cross Currency Rate Calculation

          Dear Asim,


          I guess you need to create one more currency table in order to achive what you want.


          If you create another currency table which may consists of Date, CurrencyName and CurrencyValue and joins to the NTF table over Date column. by this way, you already have each corresponding days TRY value, from the new currency table you can get these days EUR and USD values and you can divide TRY value with these currencies.







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