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    Tell me how to compare two tables



      I have two tables with the same field names, such as Table-A  and Table-B. Table-A includes some of the same records of Table-B. When I have to extract the records from Table-A which do not exist in Table-B, what shall I do?


        • Tell me how to compare two tables

          Hi Charusama


          Are you doing this in the script? Try using "where not exists(field1, field2)"  after a load.


          If you are doing it in the document itself, eg a in a table chart, then I would use a test on a value in a field in table b that you always know will be populated  - for example an id field (although you may need to create it).


          An example would be =if(isnull(B_ID),.....). You could also do this in script if you wanted.


          Is this useful?