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    Is it possible to make default selections through task?

    Subin Thomas



      I have a same report which is distributed with two different task names in the QEMC. But now i need to make default selections as a user open any one of the report.


      Ex: Single report ex1.qvw

           task created for reload and distribution of the ex1 report with name 'task1'.

           As the ex1 report is already reloaded i have another task to distribute with task name 'task2'.


      But now i need for default selection when a user opens task1 report the date year should be 2011, and for task2 the year should be 2010.


      Can we have any selections made throught the task creation???As reloading of the report takes quite a lot of tym and the same report reloading twice is waste of time. Can any1 suggest any idea?