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    Set analysis nested within a set analsysis expression

      Hi All


      I am having issues with this set analysis expression. The expression has 2 conditions. the second conditions is another set analysis expression. This expression works on its own, but not within this expression. I think the porble lies in the way i am trying to input the set but i just can figure out the right way.


      Could somebody help?



      Min({<[Claimant Status Description]={'Settled'}, '$(Max({<[Claimant Status Description]={'Open'}>} [Claim Transaction Done Date]))'  >} [Claim Transaction Done Date]) 



      I look forward to your replies


        • Set analysis nested within a set analsysis expression
          Stefan Wühl

          I believe you need to specify a field you want to limit the max(...) with, maybe the [Claim Transaction Done Date] field?



          Min( {<

          [Claimant Status Description]={'Settled'},

          [Claim Transaction Done Date]= {'$(=Max({<[Claimant Status Description]={'Open'}>} [Claim Transaction Done Date]))'}

            >} [Claim Transaction Done Date]) 


          But I am not sure if this is right, maybe you could describe what you want to achieve?