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    How do you add more than 1 table in the script editor ?

    Adam Marshall

      Example i have this SQL statement which i use to grab my data (and join 4 tables): SQL SELECT * FROM RAMBATHS.AULT2F2.ORDLNORD,RAMBATHS.AULT2F2.PARTS,RAMBATHS.AULT2F2.ORDHDORD,RAMBATHS.AULT2F2.OEP20 where cono40=cono55 and ordn40=ordn55 and cono55=cono35 and catn55=pnum35 and cono55='01' and cono40=cono20 and cusn40=cusn20 and dseq40=dseq20 and Stat55=' ' which is grabbing 4 tables. I need to grab about 30 tables. Or 10 at the least. How in the script editor do you definite more than 1 table when grabbing from an ODBC data source ? Ta Adam