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    Google Maps Geokey

      Hi guys,


      I've been trying to figure out how to get the google maps to work and I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I am using the Sales Managment Demo from qlikview as a reference


      I have used a PL\SQL script to gather the Long and Lat for each address but when I select a region (Pennsylvania for example) not all of the customers are shown on the map even though they have sales. I end up with the map correctly centered on the region where the coordinates are but not all of the locations are shown.






      Even though their are 4 customers in this area that have sales in the selected time period, I get only one dot but notice how the map is centered around the coordinates of the addresses involved.


      I have attached the qlikview file so that you can examine the settings.





        • Google Maps Geokey



          I see a couple of  problem.


          1) It's better 2 split the data in 2 tables :  the customer  (with GeoKey field)  and  the coordinates (GeoKey, Long , Lat).

          Howhever, you can replace the sum in long/lat expression by an   avg to prevent  the summation of long/lat.


          2)  The link between geokey and State seems to me strange. I'm not a specialist of the USA geography. But when I clik on Florida,  I have location in Massachussets !


          Hope it helps you