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    Limiting chart dimensions and keeping them static

    Michael Hassinger

      Here's what I am trying to do.


      I have a chart which has a dimension, but I want to filter it so it only shows a subset of the dimension values. I've accomplished this using a calculated dimension that looks like:




      This succesfully limits the chart to only showing Dimension2 values that have an association with 'something' in FieldXYZ. The issue I'm trying to overcome is that that when a user selects a particular value in Dimension2 (usually by clicking on the chart), I don't want the chart to reflect that selection. So if they start with 3 dimensions on the chart based on the value of the calculated dimension, I want those three things to stay on the chart, regardless of selecting one of those values.


      So far I've had no luck using the expression above, playing with the "Supress when values are null" or "Show all values" checkboxes, or with using set analysis on the chart expression.


      Any ideas?