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    i want to get two values from if condition in qlikview 10

    Uday Kumar



      My scenario is that, i am applying 'time frame' filter to the straight table, so the values for time frame is like '3months vs 3months' or '6months vs 6months'. so i need to apply this to the table, i was trying like assigning monthid=3, if we select 3months vs 3months and monthid=6, if we select 6months vs 6months.

      And the data in the table is 'Volume'.

      so the if condition look like



      but i want to assign even filter value with this if condition like

      =Sum(if(prod='Humira',Vol,if(Time_Monthly='3Months Vs 3Months')))


      but this is not working

      so how i can get two values in if condition. Vol and monthid=3 or 6 based on filter value?