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    Sort out a straight table with frequency per year and Employee

    xavier roty

      Hello to all,

      This is my first post and i thank you for any reply.


      I am updating a QV base about expenses claims (EC) with 30 files each month.

      In each file I have for each employee a various number of expenses claims with numerous type of expenses.


      I would like to sort out a straight table with :

          employee doing     only 1 EC per year

          employee doing     from 2 to 12 EC per year

          employee doing     more than 12 EC per year.


      If i do a table with dimension =  'IDEmployee' and expression aggr(…) I will find an answer but this is not at all satisfactory for me.


      I guess i should add an extracolumn during load ?

      If you have any idear ?


      Thank's again for any reply



      For example, with the screen shot below, i would like to have the following results :


      Number of EC per Employee20102011
      Only 1 EC per Year2
      From 2 to 12 EC per Year33
      Above 12 EC per year


      question QV.JPG