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      I clearly have so much to learn!!!


      I have a dataset which contains the field YearPeriod.


      This field has records as follows: 2010 01, 2010 02, 2010 03, 2010 04 etc.


      If I use YearPeriod as a dimension or expression, I get returns for the above.


      However, if I make the expression Min(YearPeriod) I get 201001 - note there is no embedded space - and so this does not match any value in YearPeriod.


      Why is this?


      How do I return 2010 01?


      Muchas Gracias




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          Hi Dave,


          There are many ways to address this. I would do something like below:


          date#(text(replace(YearPeriod,' ','-')),'YYYY-MM') as YrPeriod




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              Hi Shyam,


              Thanks for your suggestion, I am most grateful.


              However, I'm not sure if it will do what I require.


              (Sometimes I'm not sure just how much detail to include when asking.)


              The point of Min(YearPeriod) equalling the minimum YearPeriod exactly, is that I want to use it to drive an indexing calculation.


              But as there are no data indicated by the YearPeriod 201001 (no space) then I get only errors for the calculation.


              If I understand what you have suggested, I will just end up with a Min(YearPeriod) equalling 2010-01, which still won't match any value in YearPeriod, won't I?


              I guess I could create a new Year-Period variable by including the "-", but I am reluctant to do so - mainly because I am not comfortable with messing too much with my imported tables.


              If you can shed any more light, I would be equally appreciative.

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              rohit gupta

              hI DAve

              try this =replace(YearPeriod,'','-')

              may it helps you