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    Error - ODBC DB2


      I’m gettingan error when try to connect to a DB2 database trough ODBC.

      This is theerror I get:


      “Connection Test Failed

      SQL##f - SqlState: 58031,ErrorCode: 4294966265, ErrorMsg: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1031N  The database directory cannot be found on theindicated file system.  SQLSTATE=58031”

      But I havecheck the ODBC configuration and make some test and its working fine, but not in QlikView.

      I will appreciateyour help.



      Obed Adames

        • Error - ODBC DB2
          Ralf Becher

          Hi Obed,


          maybe the connect string is wrong. Can you post your script?


          - Ralf

            • Error - ODBC DB2

              Thanks for answer Ralf,


              But I find the solutions,


              The solution was, that if you install only the drivers of ODBC for DB2, you need to add the user the Role of DB2ADMIN and DB2USER that it creates in the system. Because theinstallation of the drivers does not auto assign those roles.

              One I give that role to the user and restart the computer its start working.