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    1 QVS multiple URL for different projects

      Hi All,


      Would like to know it is possible to have multiple URL for the same QV server? We would like to manage the document in such a way by grouping it into projects. So would like to have Project A with 1 URL and Project B with another URL and etc. Is that possible? Anyone implement this before? Any documentation on the architecture as well as the guide on how to implement this?


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        • 1 QVS multiple URL for different projects
          Erich Shiino

          Hi, YSL

          I'm not sure if I understood your question...

          If it is the server name that you want to change, you could solve that in the DNS server.

          If you want to make a custom access point, you can install just the QVWS in different machines, customize them and point all of them to the QVS.


          You could make different versions of your apps and read QVDs created by a single extractor.


          Hope this helps,



            • 1 QVS multiple URL for different projects

              Hi Shino,


              Not the server name that i mention about. Let's said I had several projects for the QlikView. I would like to have each of the project to be accessible by different URL to differentiate them for the users. Would I able to do that in 1 QV server only?

                • 1 QVS multiple URL for different projects
                  Brent Nichol

                  I presume that you are not having the users go through the AccessPoint to request the documents, but provide a specific link for each application from another web page.


                  I would recommend configuring the server with several DNS entries.  Then each would appear to be running from a seperate server.  The downside is any user could swap the dns entry and get to the same report.

                  Not sure if that helps,


                    • 1 QVS multiple URL for different projects

                      Hi B,


                      Yes, we can assign multiple DNS to the server. Let's said one of the user can open the project A and project B document, we would like to make use of different URL to differentiate the project. Let's said the user open the projectA.com url, the user can see the project A document only and not the project B document. The user have to access project B url in order to open the project B document. Would I able to do so? Is it I need to modify the content of the webpage and those javascipt content?