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    What are the possible values for Type in NumberPresentation in macro

      hello Qlikview addict,

      I'm trying in QV 10 to make a slight modification of the macro used in

      Dynamic chart qlikview application.

      I need to set the properties of expression to Time and 'hh:mm' format.

      The example i have got is for fixed decimal format like blelow :


      set np = p.Expressions.Item(0).Item(0).data.axisData.NumberPresentation

      np.Dec = "."

      np.Fmt = "# ##0.0' -- i would like "hh:mm"

      np.Type = 11 -- i would like time format


      I have found out the good solution.


      np =exprs.item(i).item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual.NumberPresentation

      np.fmt = "hh:mm"

      np.Type = 4


      i was worng with (axisData.NumberPresentation)

















































      Thinks for your help