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    Ticketing via QVSNetRemote username characters makes XML go wrong

      As saind in the title I'm getting the access Tickets via QVSNetRemote through a .Net webpage.


      All's fine until I request things like this: <Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>AA01234</UserId></Global>

      Sometimes I've usernames recorded like this :<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId><201234</UserId></Global>

      or even worse like this: <Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>!F01234</UserId></Global>


      Please don't ask why are in this format, those are generated from another software I have no control on, so I have to use them as they are.


      Is there any way to escape them in the way that XML doesn't go bad?


      I've already tried using the &something; entities but once I get on QlikView Server it doesn't match the username which is stored with the actual character.



      Thanks in advance for any help.