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    Min value in set analysis

      Hi all, could some body help me whit this, I have this expresion,








      SUM ({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}Total DATA_AVER)


      What I need is to get the minimum value of the expresion, I tryed with a variable but doesn´t work.


      vVar =





      SUM ({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}Total DATA_AVER)




      any ideas??




        • Min value in set analysis
          Toni Kautto

          Please notice that Sum() is an aggregation funciton which will return a numeric value, and not a range of values in a vector. This means that your variable vVar will have a numric valu or NULL (if the denominator sum() is 0). If you are trying to find the min value you first of all need to look in a range of values like in a field or an aggregated vector by using aggr().


          It is a bit unclear what the surrounding conditions are in this case, and what value your are expecting to get, so please provide a sample QVW with data and the related object to enable a more detailed feedback and guidance.

          • Min value in set analysis

            Hola Javier,


            Ya trataste con


            MIN(Total AGGR(sum( (DATA)/ (DATA TOTAL) ),dimensión))  ?



            La dimensión es muy importante, no sabemos como está definido el conjuno al que se le busca el mínimo.


            Espero que ayude la idea.