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    Section Access for NTuser different behaviour in desktop and Web version



      i am writng an section access to hide and show sheets

      in my script editor, it looks like following :

      24-11-2011 2-55-12 PM.jpg

      for the sheet i set the show sheet conditional like this :

      24-11-2011 3-01-12 PM.jpg

      It works fine in my Qlikview desktop version. But when i put it to Qlikview Web Access, It does'nt work well after i press clear all button. You can c before and after i clear the Clear All button. and i suspect that something to do with the selection?


      24-11-2011 2-52-17 PM.jpg



      24-11-2011 2-53-45 PM.jpg

      How come like this? and any solution to achieve hide and show that good fit with Qlikview Web Access?

      I appreciate you can suggest me the best way for achieving it.



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