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    Dimension Background Colour in Pivot Table

      I have a small problem I've created a pivot table which shows a product and the quantity of that product in a given stock location. What I'm trying to acheive is to colour the background of the product and then the background of the cell which has a quantity of that product. The quantity cells change colour when there is a value there, but the Product Dimension Decsription doesn't change to the colour it is supposed to, it goes black which is RGB(0,0,0).


      I've noticed that if the quantity cell next to the product dimension is zero the product is colour is black, if however the cell is not zero i.e. has a quantity the correct background colour appears in the product description. The pivot table somehow loses the link to the colour table I have created so assigns 0's as the backgorund colour. If I add the colour values to my pivot table then the correct background colours appear in the product dimension, when I remove them it goes black again if the quantity cell closest to the dimension is zero.


      Is qlikview meant to work this way or is this a bug?



      Does anyone have any ideas on this?