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    Statistics functions



      Which are Statistics Functions or Analytics Functions in Qlikview? Function like Numeric Regressions


      Are they papers about?


      Thank you

        • Statistics functions
          Stefan Wühl

          Check out the Help file for


          statistical test functions

          statistical aggregation functions

          statistical distribution functions


          Hope this helps,


            • Statistics functions

              Dear Stefan,


              I'm now using QV10 free version and couldn't find "Statistical Chart Wizard".

              Is it only applicable for license QV Edition?


              Thanks for your answer.

                • Statistics functions
                  Stefan Wühl

                  Well, I haven't used the Wizards much, on a quick glance I couldn't find a Statistical Chart Wizard in my licensed QV Edition either.


                  Above I was talking (or precisely: only referencing) about statistical functions. You can use these function in any chart object, so there is no real need for a Wizard. I believe the functions are also available from a PE version.