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    Join html tables into one load

    Przemysław Wojda

      Hi All,


      I've got a number of html webfiles each consisting of 4 tables. To get data out of the tables I do 4 seperate loops but it takes too much time. Do you know how to join the 4 tables into one load to speed the load up?


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        • Join html tables into one load
          Christophe Brault



          You can use different qvw document to load data, and another as a vizualiser. Create 1 loading qvw per table and store your data into .qvd. Then load your .qvd in the final document.


          if you want to reload your 4 documents at the same time, create a batch for each one.


          With this solution, you will divide your reaload time by 4 and using .qvd then is easy to design your app.