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    Text description on a chart



      I've create a bar graph in qlikview and using the dual expression I've created the text that should de display on the chart. The problem is that if I made a zoom into the bar graph  the text description appear, but in the normal view of the bar graph I don't see anything text description (I've tried to set small text dimension, but it doesn't work).


      How can do?


      Thanks in advance



        • Text description on a chart



          As per my understanding you are trying to give the Heading for the chart.if that is the requirement no need to create a text description.Just go to the General Tab we have the Option like "Show Title in Chart" enable that one and give it the text over there.



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            • Text description on a chart



              I attach an example of what I've tried to explain. The first image 'NormalView' is what I see in the normal view of chart, what I see if I make a zoom it's rapresent in the secon image 'ZoomIn'.


              As you can seen the second image coint the text description in the chart, while in the first doesn't appea anything, that's the problem: I don't know how I can set that also in the first image appears the text description.



              Image1: NormalView



              Thanks in advance.


              Image 2:ZoomIn