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    Section Access Windows authentication failure on QV Server

    Richard Cripps

      I have created a document with section access in it which restricts user access to the document based on NTNAME. I also have a local QV user in the section access as well.


      When you open this document in the client it opens fine and allows users in the section access into the document.


      However, when you open the document in the server, either through internet explorer or by opening the document in server in the client it appears that it doesn't authenticate, I am able to get into the document by entering the local QV user that I create in the section access.


      If I log onto the server and open the document through the server it works fine and authenticates as expected. It just doesn't work if you are logged onto a different machine.


      I am thinking it could be a firewall/network configuration issue but I don't really know a great deal about this area. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues and how they solved them.


      Using V10 SR3.


      Any help greatly appreciated.


        • Section Access Windows authentication failure on QV Server
          Richard Cripps

          Solution was:


          Uncheck strict exclusion in the document, the user I was logging in was an admin user. Admin users don't exist when you open a document in the server.


          User running the qlikview services was in the section access, this needed to be amended so that the services user was in the section access but with no data restriction. The installation was running publisher and when the document was published the data was reduced according to the restriction in the section access so removed this.