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    Integration with Geoconcept ?



      A customer is using the mapping tool 'Geoconcept' and would like to know if it might be integrated within QlikView applications.

      Have you done such an integration yet ?

      What could I check in order to know if it is technically possible ?


      Thanks !



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          Alexander Karlsson

          Hi Pierre,


          From looking at http://v2.geoconcept.com/Ajax-client-High-Traffic-Client.html?lang=en it seems very doable.

          At the bottom of the page it states the we should be able to draw maps and plot symbols/lines/polygons based on QlikView data.


          So what I would check with the client is what kind of integration they are looking at. Is it only to display markers on a map based on coordinates that resides in the QlikView Document.


          Or do they want to geocoding on the fly,  i.e sending in an adress from QlikView to their GIS-server, returning a set of coordinates and proceed to plot that. Looking at their documentation it seems that you should be able to geocode adresses in the QlikView Loadscript and then use an extension object in the QV interface to display maps and markers.




            • Integration with Geoconcept ?

              Hi Alex,


              Thanks for your answer


              I took contact with Geoconcept.

              There is a main issue about using it with QlikView : it requires a connection to a relational, standard database.


              So, on an architecture point of view, there is no "easy-integration"


              Finaly, the customer just needs basic geo-BI features, that can be directly done through Google Maps...

              Moreover, he can not afford any further analysis.


              So the choice is made !