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    Need some help with code, currently year to date want single month



      In one of my reports the result for last year actuals ends up as year to date (accumulated) figures when I select a single month. I need some help adjusting the code so it is possible to select a single months value.


      sum({$<Month={"*"}, Year={"*"}, [Year Quarter]={"*"}, YearCounter={"$(#=max(YearCounter-1))"}, RRResultatPost = {'NetSales'}>}Amount_$(vCurr))//Sum({<RRResultatPost= {'Net Sales'}>} Amount)//=sum({$<Month={"*"},Year={"*"}, [Year Quarter]={"*"},YearCounter={"$(#=max(YearCounter-1))"}>}Amount)
      //Sum({<RRResultatPost = {'Net Sales'}>} Amount)


      Hope someone can help me


      Regards / Fredrik