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    Where Clause in chart

      Hi there


      Could someone please help.


      I have a QVD with data like...



      Cost Element
      Jan Sales
      Feb Sales



      I would like to know if I can create a chart from this QVD.


      Where Cost Element=ABC then only display lines with ABC cost element


      then another chart for Cost Element CCC.


      Please advise.



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          Sure u can easly achieve the result using Trellis charts.

          Create your chart with "Cost Element" as dimension, then use click on Trellis button and "Enable Trellis Chart". Than you can configure the number of Row and the number of Column.




          You can use other approachs (like set analysis) but the trellis chart is the most efficient to implement and dinamic (you don't have to change you document if a new cost element is added).


          Hope this help.


          • Where Clause in chart
            Stefan Wühl

            I think you can either use a calculated dimension


            =if([Cost Element]='ABC',[Cost Element]) 


            or use set analysis in all of your chart expressions (you need an aggregation function to use set analysis in an expression).



            For example, use [Cost Element] as dimension and  (this will aggegate your values!):

            =sum({<[Cost Element]={'ABC'}>} [Jan Sales])


            The right expressions and dimensions will depend on what you want to show in the chart, of course.


            Hope this helps,