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    Colours for expressions with variables (Color)

      I am producing charts that are based on Financial Years.  I have three different types of dates, Opened Date, Closed Date and Issued Date.  I have then calculated the Financial Year for all of these dates.


      I have created a data Island to allow the selection of a Financial Year that can be compared to all of the above.  I also then have variables that work out what the last 4 Financial Years have been.


      In my charts I then have an expression for each of the 4 previous financial years. e.g. sum({$<FY_Issued={'$(vFYMinus4)'}>}Payment_Amount)


      My problem is I want a consistent colour across all charts for the financial years.  I can't find a way to associate a colour with the value of a variable.


      Fair chance I'm missing something glaringly obvious, so any help would be appreciated