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    Text to Variable

      Hi guys im having a bit of a problem here is the deal, i have a table from a database with a field called "Company_ID" and at the end of the load script i have a where clause that goes like



      From report_data.Table1 where Company_ID=1 or Company_ID=2;


      Now i want the user to be able to choose the companies to load, the only problem is i cant use a predefined value on a variable as the user doesnt not know the Company IDs but only names.


      I have tried using a load inline like:



      Load * inline[
      ID, Name
      Company_ID=1, Intel
      Company_ID=2, Microsoft
      Company_ID=1 or Company_ID=2, Both


      and setting a list box on the front end with the "Name" of the listbox and a variable that equals the ID field, the problem is when i do this either with



      or Var ID

      etc the variable on the script pick the word "ID" instead of picking the value selected for the field ID.


      How do i make this work for the user to have company names and the script loads the ID's??


      Many Thanks

        • Text to Variable

          Ok i have managed a solution, which was make 3 Load Inline staments, and then on the Front end,

          Settings>> Document Properties, On select Load inline 1 set variable to Company_ID=1 on select Load inline 2 set variable to Company_ID=2 whilst applying rules to deselect the other List boxes when a new is selected.


          Hope this Helps Someone.