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    Right Axes Scale issue OR Bug(Combo Chart)?

    Siddharth Kulkarni



      I am using 4 expression in a combo chart.

      Left Axis scale for : 2 expressions, Right Axis scale for: 2 expressions


      Right Axes(Nothing static(min,max,step)):

      exp 1: sum(A)  (output Values range from 1000-5000)

      exp 2: sum (B)  (output Values range from 1000- 15000)


      Using check box functionality as per user's request to show expression on check.




      If i select experssion 1 in check box(list box), the right axis scale in chart is 0,1,2,3,4,5 (should b 0, 1000,2000 n so) and then If I select expression 2 in check box(i.e both checked), the right axis scale in chart is 0,5,10,15 (should b 0,5000,10000 n so)


      if i select expression 2 ONLY, the scale shows 0-5000-10000-15000(expected n correct). But on selecting exp 1 again(both enabled), the scale changes to 0,5,10,15


      Not understanding why its dividing by 1000, in case 1 and later in 2. Havent marked any symbols($ or K in Number, nor am I dividing by 1000)



      Any urgent feedback will be appreciated!