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    CPU Throttling Question

    Klaus Feldam

      Any quidance from this fine community group on how to best configure CPU Trottling in QEMC?

      The manual doesn't give much guidance, and QlikView Support's answer was unfortunately not very helpful.


      QV Version: 10SR3 x64



      Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64 (Virtualized VM ESX server)

      192GB RAM

      8 CPUs


      QlikView users: 210+

      QlikView applications: 250+

      QlikView application size: 13GB

      Largest QlikView application size: 1GB


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

        • CPU Throttling Question
          Arthur Lee

          What are you trying to achieve?  Currently, CPU throttling only limits the number of CPUs that QV will consumer on a particular machine.  It is pretty straightforward in terms of setting up so I assume that you are seeking to do something else?

            • CPU Throttling Question
              Klaus Feldam


              We are trying to find out whether CPU Throttling in a virtual server set-up would help increase server and end-user performance.

                • CPU Throttling Question
                  Arthur Lee

                  Throttling will in almost all cases will hurt performance in a mulit-user deployments.  You already have a penalty (overhead) with running QV in a virtualized server - your best bet would be NOT to throttle and to ensure that your virutal machine has dedicated CPUs/RAM and is not sharing its CPUs/RAM with the other images on the physical machine.