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    QlikView server performance (QV10 SR3)

    Klaus Feldam

      We have recently upgraded to QV10 SR3, and are experiencing two major performance issues:


      1) Users are reporting very sluggish performance. 50-10% increase in the time it takes to load QV applications.


      2) 10% of nightly reload jobs are failing, mostly due to timeout issues. We have 8 CPUs and have QEMC configured to process up to 8 reloads at a time. No significant data changes have been made to any of our 250+ QlikView applications, so we are not sure what causes the nightly reloads to take longer. We have doing performance monitoring for the past week on our network, and the performance degradation doesn't seem to be network related.


      Attached, is our QV10SystemMonitor QVW and latest log files. The performance issues started on 11/19/11.

      Any advice on where the root cause may be would be highly appreciated.




      Server Configuration:


      QV Version: 10SR3 x64



      Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64 (Virtualized VM ESX server)

      192GB RAM

      8 CPUs


      QlikView users: 210+

      QlikView applications: 250+

      QlikView application size: 13GB

      Largest QlikView application size: 1GB