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    How Do I Setup and Use an Input Box??

      I'm totally confused over this -


      I have a pivot table which displays data for a series of hotels.  What I want to do is return only specific hotels.  Seems to me that the best way to do this would be through an Input Box.  Problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to use the sucker, it's just not intuitive to set up at all.  It should be easy, I don't understand why it has to be so difficult in Qlikview.


      I have setup my input box in the sheet.  I have a variable which I created called vHotelName.  When I enter the hotel name in the box and then also choose a date from the calendar object what I get is all hotels for the entire date range.  This is not what I want, I want the specific hotel which I entered in the input box.


      What gives?  I've tried researching this online but all explanations for creating and setting up the input box totally suck.


      Who can help me?

        • How Do I Setup and Use an Input Box??
          Christophe Brault



          Input box set a variable with the value you enter, but you know that. But i don't understand why you want to select a hotel with this variable. In your data, you should avec a field with the name of each hotel no ?


          Why don't you just make a selection with listbox or search object ?


          Usually, variable and input box are useful to give value to a variable and make operations, apply colors...


          If your still want to use this method, you can use set analysis like this :


          expression of your table : SUM({$<Hotel={$(=vHotelName)}>} Sales) Where Hotel is your fieldname.

          • How Do I Setup and Use an Input Box??
            Adrian Dogaru

            As Christopher pointed out, if we understood your issue properly, the best thing to do is to create a List Box; under the "General" tab name it as you see fit and into the "Field" box select the column that contains the Hotel's names.

            Search should be either <use default> or Yes... and that's it.


            In the List box you should now be able to either click on a Hotel name or search for one, and see your Pivot Table showing the info you want.