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    SAP Connector Qlikview_SAP_5.6_64X_Initial

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,

      I have updated our QV Desktop and Qlikview Server/Publisher  on the Production Qlikview Server to Version10 SR3 from version 9 SR3 and also updated at the sametime the latest SAP Connector to Qlikview_SAP_5.6_64X_Initial from Qlikview_SAP_5.5_64XSR3 ( The transports are not Updated in SAP)


      I tested the SAP connect and it worked without any Problems on that day.


      The Daily jobs are somehow for sometasks not working. When i wanted to check the log for that QV application, I see that the logs are not updated. The Data in QV Document logs are from yesterday. This never happened before.


      Is it a bug? I just wanted to see the LOGs why it did not work.


      can anyone help. Hope I am clear!