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    internet explorer opens with double tabs

      Most user at our company access QlikView via the IE-PlugIn which generally works fine.

      However, now some users experience a strange behaviour of their internet explorer: when opening a link to the access point, it opens not only a tab with the access point, but also a second IE-tab with another QlikView session/document.

      (see screeshot)


      Software installed:

      IE 9.0.8122.16421 (Update 9.0.3)

      QV-PlugIn: 10.00.9061.7 (SR3)


      This fits to the recent increase of usage duration (as per session.log), where some users are reported to be online for 64 hrs a day!

      May this is caused by multiple tabs/user sessions.

      Unfortunately, this seems to reduce the availability of the qlikview server, because we often run out of session/document CALs.



      Looking forward to any ideas and possible solutions.