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    What is meant by conditional formatting?

      Hi All


      What is mean by conditional formatting  in QlikView? Can someone please explain?




        • What is meant by conditional formatting?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Can you please elaborate on your actual requirements? Where do you want to use conditional formatting?





            • What is meant by conditional formatting?

              Hi Miguel


              Thanks for your response. This is was the question which was asked to me. I couldn't ask them to elaborate :-). Hope you can understand. Do you have any guesses?




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                  John Witherspoon

                  I'm not clear what the question is, but here's one example of conditional formatting:




                  Basically, I'm just using an if() statement to create the format string, and thus we can call it conditional formatting.  You could do this with table data as well.  There are probably many other interpretations of what is meant by "conditional formatting", though, such as using calculated colors, screen zoom, visual queues, and so on.  If someone is just testing your knowledge, such as in an interview, the danger would be that they don't know enough to realize that "conditional formatting" is a very vague concept, so they may think there's only one right answer to the question.  That's their fault, not yours, but that's little consolation if you fail to get a contract just because the interviewer doesn't understand QlikView well enough.  I have no idea what the situation is, though.