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    Six Sigma+Qlikview=?

      Hi, lokking for someone who has utilised Qlikview for Six Sigma process improvement initiatives (Measure and Improve). I´m interested in how Qlikview can be utilised and improve SS work? Thankful for input and/or ideas... // Johan (Black Belt)

        • Six Sigma+Qlikview=?

          Hi Johan.


          I am not qualified or have much experience of LEAN methodologies, as I imagine that is the bulk of what you are after, but I am a statistician and share a lot of the methodologies used in six sigma.


          What sort of thing do you have in mind? You can easily use qlikview to calculate the "six-sigma" limits that you need to overlay on charts. For example I have created a funnel plot using a "combination chart" of scatter plots and 2sd  /3 sd lines created using a function. Better still, because it's Qlikview the users could create a unique funnel plot for any combination of selections.


          The margins of error lines were really easy to create, as there are plenty of statistical functions available to you.