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    QV11 SAP Connector 5.6 Problem

    Sokkorn Cheav

      Hi All,


      I just install QlikView 11 and SAP connector 5.6 on Window 7 Enterprise 64 bit.

      Here is my connection string

      1. CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=FCD;CLIENT=400;KeepCasing=1;NullDate=1;XUserId=FMNJSYRNJbaGXQBOTC;XPassword=CaSaWAJMDLMETZQGVZfB;";
      2. CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=FCD;CLIENT=400;KeepCasing=1;NullDate=1;XUserId=FMNJSYRNJbaGXQBOTC;XPassword=CaSaWAJMDLMETZQGVZfB;TimeOutFetch=2000;";

      The first one is defaule connection string. And the second one I try to add <TimeOutFetch=2000>. Both of these is not working.

      When I reload the data then I got Script Error

      Custom read failed

      Does anyone have an experience with this error? Please help to check detail on attached file for the log file.


      Your reply is much appreciate .



      Sokkorn Cheav