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    Error opening a document (could not be open)

    Emmanuelle Bustos

      Hi everyone


      We are having an access problem with the QV's documents, is a little often when a user (named user cal or document cal) try to open a document sometimes appears an error message:


      ...QVStunnel.dll%Fhost%3Dqlikview02 could not be open.


      This happens using the QVS 10 SR3 and only when use the IEPlugin, and is important to know that this happens only sometimes not alway so is an intermitent problem.


      The ports 4747, 4780, 4447 and 80 are open.


      Does anybody know something about or happened the same issue.



      Attached the screen with the error complete.

        • Error opening a document (could not be open)
          Emmanuelle Bustos

          The solution is to be sure to have ope the port 4747 to avoid the Qlikview go using tunneling.


          QV Server Reference Manual:


          17.2 QlikView Server Tunnel

          If the standard communication port to QlikView Server (4747) is blocked in any way (typically by a

          firewall limitation), the Windows Clients will attempt to re-route their connection through port 80 (http).

          This connection path must then include the QVWS so that the QlikView Tunnel communication can be

          established. All communication through the QVS Tunnel must include the secure communication packet,

          so this will significantly increase the network traffic (along with response times) required between the

          QlikView Server and the client. The infrastructure might also interfere, for example, if the traffic is routed

          through proxy servers. This is especially true if tunneling using HTTPS. It is recommended to set up rules

          to bypass proxy servers when tunneling using HTTPS.


          pp. 162

          • Re: Error opening a document (could not be open)
            Bernd Jägle

            In my case I had to restart the QlikView Services.

            Had renamed the QVW Document before and removed the published document. Somehow this lead to the error. After restarting the Services I restarted the task to distribute. Then the document could be opened.