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    Log file is not created when document is been processed by Task Scheduler

      Hello everyone,


      I made a QlikView document that creates qvd files for further use. I have checked to create log file, so when I run this qvw from Client, log file is created. Log file is created also when I use batch and call qv.exe -r file.qvw.


      But when try to run this batch from Task Scheduler, log file is not created during process.


      Although log files arent necessary for conversion proces, I would like to check whether there were any problems during this processing.


      I have already:


      checked if I checked Generate Logfile in qvw document

      set cd in batch file to directory, where qvw is present

      while setting an action in Task Scheduler filled in optional field Start in



      ... and still nothing.


      Anyone got any idea?


      Technical: QV ver 10 64bit, OS Win Server 2008 R2 64bit