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    Pivot Chart Expression Colour Question



      I have a chart set as a pivot table.  I have several expressions which I'm lined up in the pivot as rows (although this problem is the same if the expressions are columns).  I'm then using the background colour/font colour to show certain colours based on certain criteria.


      The issue I'm having is that this colour is also highlighting both the title of the expression and the grand total I'm showing.  I don't want it to do that, but I can't find a way to stop it!


      Any ideas?




        • Pivot Chart Expression Colour Question

          As an addition to this, I've found that by using the rowno() command I can get to that information to colour accordingly.


          However if I use if (rowno() > 0, "do colour here...") for some reason the pivot decides to add a row into the chart with all zeros in!!  No idea why!  If I take this out, that row disappears so it's definitely that "if" that's adding the row in.


          Even stranger, if I do a row check for row=0 and row=1, they pick the total and the first proper row of data, completely ignoring this row in the middle - as if it doesn't exist (I wish it didn't! ). 


          I've also got all the blank suppress flags ticked too.  So I'm left with either having coloured titles/totals or having a blank line filled with zeros at the top of my pivot - neither ideal.


          Any ideas much appreciated!