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    Nonlinear x axes using dual

      I need a function that defines the spacing between data points on the x-axes (or y-axes)

      My idea is to use the dual command as a mapping function in order to display the mapped value instead of the x axis value.

      For instance a log function or a function compressing the first 100 values  in a space of 20 value and leave the rest uncompressed.


      x(z) =  if(z > 100, 20 + (z-100),   z / 5)


      using dual in the chart expression to show the actual value but to plot it in a compresed way would give:

      dual( z ,  if(z > 100, 20 + (z-100),   z / 5))


      This would work in qv9 but in qv 10 the show value as text option has been removed from the chart->expressions tab and thus the dual command is not usefulfor mapping an underlying number to a presented number in the chart.


      Any ideas?