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    System.Exception: KeyExchange Failed while setting up with IIS

      I have installed QlikView server and IIS web on separate machines. I have also added my IIS web into management console and I am able to see all the settings.


      However, when I open access point it shows "No Server" error. Upon checking logs I found that there is some exception raised by QlikView as shown below. Can anyone help with this?


      30.11.2011 12:56:58.3630623    Error    System.Exception: KeyExchange Failed
         at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.Open()
         at QVSWrapper.QlikViewServer..ctor(Action`2 i_Logger, String i_Hostname, Int32 i_Port, Mode i_Mode)
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.QlikviewServerSetting.Connect()
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.QlikviewServerSetting.Try[T](Func`2 f, Func`1 fail)
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.QlikviewClusterSettings.<>c__DisplayClass3`1.<Try>b__2()
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.QlikviewClusterSettings.Try[T](Func`2 f, Func`1 fail)
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.QlikviewServer.Try[T](IQlikviewServer c, Func`2 f)
         at QlikView.AccessPoint.FileScan.ScanQlikViewServers(IEnumerable`1 servers, Action`2 i_Logger, IUser user, Int32& liveQvsCount, Boolean respectBrowsable)