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    Help with 2 Issues

      Good morning,


      I'm ussing a personal edition and I'm trying to build a pivot table to show the inventory accuracy, let me explain my two issues:


      1.- I have a Oracle DB that have a fiel call Count Date in DD/MM/YYYY

           I want to separate it in Days, Months and Year in order to use it like a Dimension, but I don't know how.


      2.- In order to calculate the Inventory accuracy, i have 2 level to do it.

           . For Item           -  I'm ussing two field "Stock in Sistem" and "Stock Count" and this work fine.


           . For Item Family - I woul like to know how many Items are right, using

                Count(DISTINCT(If(Stock in Sistem=Stock Count,Item)))   This Work some time but not in all case.



      see attached my app


      Could someone help me with it please