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    Hi! Is there a Qlikview Chart or extension to deliver 3d visualisations.

      My challenge is to represent how any one of a number of output or efficiency measures vary over input cost and time.


      Q1 What are the best ways to represent a 3d data set like this?

      Q2 Are there any standard charts that do that?

      Q3 Are there any 3d visualisation extensions?



      I think the solution I'm looking for is a visualisation that shows a 3d surface but there may well be other approaches that I've missed or just don't "get".


      Am I wrong in thinking that there is no native 3d charts or have I just missed it? I'm really not convinced that representations in colour of a 3rd dimension are compelling and intuitive but happy to be challenged on that point.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      Dick Wall