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    Caption: Allow Minimize

    Carlos Duque



      I have multiple Charts in a sheet. How do I Uncheck "Allow Minimize" and/or  "Allow Maximize" all at once?

      I can do one at a time by Right clicking > Caption > unckeck "Allow Minimize".



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          Tim Benoit

          You should Select the multiple charts that you want to update. Then, while the multiple charts are selected, on one of the charts, right-click and choose Properties and when you uncheck Allow Minimize and click OK it will have updated all of the selected charts.         You can select all of the objects on the sheet by pressing Ctrl-a You can select a group of objects by holding down the left mouse button and "drawing" a box around the objects you want to select.   Or, click on the first object to select it and then click on the other objects while holding down the Shift button. The title bar of the selected objects will change color slightly when they are selected.