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    Max Concurrent Reloads?

    Goran Korsgren



      I wonder if the setting "Max Concurrent Reloads" affects not only how many reloads you can perform concurrently via the reload settings in QVS, but also how many concurrent qv.exe processes started outside the QVS, (that is: started through bat files scheduled in Windows Task scheduler), you can have?


      I ran into a situation where reload batch scripts that worked perfectly started to fail without error message when there where a few other qv.exe process running at the same time, and then worked again, when not so many qv.exe processes where running.



        • Max Concurrent Reloads?
          Erich Shiino


          That setting should affect only QVS.

          Do you have the log files of the scheduled tasks that failed?





            • Max Concurrent Reloads?
              Goran Korsgren

              Hi Erich


              No, for the qvw there was not even a logfile created, even do it was set to create a logfile.


              My batchfile that started the qvw should do things after the qvw was executed, for example write to a separate logfile that the qvw had been executed, but that never happened.


              My interpretation of that is that the qv.exe was not able to launch correctly and that caused the batchscript to finish prematurely (or be hanging and eventually timed out)