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    Set Analysis syntax

    Samuel Vile

      I swear this is possible but I can't quite get the syntax


      I have the following set analysis that shows me data for all our active history FTE where the ExtractDate is the same as the UploadDate:


      sum({<Measure={'ActiveHistory'},ExtractDate={'$(=max({<KPI={'FTE'}>} UploadDate))'}>} FTE)


      What I need to do is add the following to it:


      Count({<Measure={'Vacancies'},ExtractDate={'$(=max({<KPI={'Vacancies'}>} UploadDate))'}>} Measure)


      The reason is because at the moment these two are separate expressions, I only want the one.


      Is this possible?


      Any help is appreciated.

        • Re: Set Analysis syntax

          Hi Sam,


          First things first. Your set analysis is wrong in both expressions.


          Use the following.



          sum({<Measure={'ActiveHistory'},ExtractDate={"$(=max({<KPI={'FTE'}>} UploadDate))"}>} FTE)


          Count({<Measure={'Vacancies'},ExtractDate={"$(=max({<KPI={'Vacancies'}>} UploadDate))"}>} Measure)

          Secondly, how do you want to use the sexond expression? Do you want to integrate the second expression in the set analysis part of the first expression?


          Do clarify,