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    Sum if Date1=Date2+1

      Good afternoon,


      I have two spreadsheets.  One shows when we have called customers and the other one is the results of the call.  We have a call center and one sheet is where i get the call date and the account number.  the second spreadsheet shows when the date that person promised to pay and when they actually did pay. 


      I need to build a chart that shows when we have called a person and they paid the same day, the next day, third day...on to 7 days from the date called.  This sounds straightforward but I built a pivot table that shows.

      //total promised



      //same day

      sum(if(CallDate=PTPDate, PTPAmount))--WORKS


      //next day

      sum(if(CallDate+1=PTPDate, PTPAmount)) -- Does not work



      As always any assistance would be greatly appreciated.