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      tricky - is it possible to include a bit of animation (eg. a clock with moving second hands) in a qlikview document?

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          Deepak Vadithala



          In QV you can achieve animation in three different ways (according to my knowledge, I am sure there are more ways to do it).


          1. GIF Animation : You can follow this thread to understand, how to embedd GIF files in QV. This is the most easiest approach because the animation is rendered by GIF file. QV object (Generally TextBox) is used as placeholder to provide the animation effect.


          2. Macro/ VB Script : I am not sure if you can render a clock with moving hands effect with this approach, but you can use this approach to animate the objects within QV. To get this working you need to understand the QV API and also needs understanding about VB Scripting. This method is very useful but there will be some issues while rendering the animation. The major issue is when we start the animation (by some event), QV execution is stalled (which means you can't make any selections in QV). Only once the code in VB Script environment is completed then you can resume back to QV. However, you can use Wait or Sleep methods to render the animation. This approach is a bit cluncky and it is hard to maintain the code.


          3. Animation within QV : This is my favourite approach but this is fairly complex to build. In this approach, the animation is rendered within QV. We need to build a mathematical model to loop through or increment the numbers, then we need to design a data model which supports our mathematical approach of getting animation effect. You need to use non-deterministic functions to build animation with this approach. I personally prefer this approach because you can still make selections in QV and everything works in the document as it should do. I am working on preparing a QV document and I'll get back to this thread once its done.


          I am assuming that you are already aware of in-built chart animation provided by QV.


          Sorry, I don't have specific solution to your questions. But I thought I'd share my thoughts.


          I hope this helps!


          Cheers - DV

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            Rob Wunderlich

            Specifically to the clock question, search 'analog clock' in this site and you'll find a few examples.


            You can also animate charts by using the animate button on the dimensions tab.