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    How to refresh a data in the report?



      I have created 1 report which reads log file and displays output as "Timestamp, Username and Document Name".

      Now, I want that report to refresh its data may be on hourly basis, is there any way ?




        • How to refresh a data in the report?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Anta,


          You need to schedule a task to reload the document using QlikView Server if you have it, or using a BAT file and the Windows Scheduler as in this post.In summary, creating with notepad a new blank file with the following line


          "C:\Program Files\QlikView10\qv.exe" /r "C:\Folder\File.qvw"


          Save is as "reloadqlikview.bat" or any other name but always ending in ".bat", and in the Start button of the computer, Accesories, System Tools, Task Scheduler create a new task that executes this file.


          Make sure the paths for both the qv.exe file and the QVW file you want to reload are correct, as I'm using an example.


          Hope that helps.