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    Formula Help

    Sagar Hussain
      I am trying to see if I can get a formula that will add up a cumulative value based on month.
      RangeSum (Above (Sum( (if(FiscalYear='2011',(if (classtype='Actual',(if (linetype='Invoiced',(val),0)) )),0) ) ),0,NoOfRows()))
      this works fine but if I want to do the same for FiscalYear=2012..
      But I want it to add the first two months of our fiscal year (November and December) and then also add the next 10months of sales forecast so that we can see how the year will look.
      Is there a way for me to tell the above formula to add the Actual Sales and then add the forecast which would be something like >Month(now())+1 (i think this will give January onwards...
      Thanks for the help!