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    New QlikView SDK Changes

    Dan English

      Hi Everyone,


      I just wanted to keep you updated on some changes to the Qlikview SDK Documention Project. As you may already know, We have now migrated the QlikView SDK to a new home here in the Integrations and Extensions community. You will now see both the Qlikview Version 10 and Version 11 SDK pages now listed as "Featured Content" when you enter the Integration and Extensions community so they should aways be easy to find when you need them.


      We have also updated and expanded all of our QVX documentation in both the V10 and V11 SDKs.


      Also, in case you missed the launch of the Qlikview PowerTools, we've added a link from the V11 SDK to the Power Tools page specifically to give you easy access to the QMS Client sample applications which has been released as part of the Power Tools collection. The QMS Client sample application is a great way to visualize the various QMS API methods and in & out parameters, which makes it an invaluable tool to learn and explore the QMS API.


      We have some more extension examples coming shortly as well.